Whether you are looking to unwind after a long day or simply trying to escape the cold weather, nothing sounds better than soaking in a hot bath.  But if you are like us, just soaking in hot water is rarely enough.  The addition of a few select products can transform an ordinary bath into a spa-like experience. Trying new products is fun, but discovering them can sometimes be difficult and time consuming.  

We know the struggle.

Stumbling upon homemade artisan bath products at local markets and fairs can be exciting and a real treat for bath lovers. Making such a discovery can be satisfying, but we know not everyone has access to such markets or the time to do so. We’ve partnered with many small businesses and artisans around the country who are passionate about providing their customers with quality products made with quality ingredients. By filling our monthly boxes with an assortment of products created by those artisans, we are making those products accessible and bringing those discoveries to your door. 

Discovering new bath products just got easier, and who knows, maybe combining a bar of handmade soap from a farm in California with an aromatic bath soak from an artisan in Texas could be the solution for relaxation. 

Let Bathmatical help you find the right formula for the perfect bath.